"Thank you for your excellent customer service. I can't tell you how many times I run into roadblock after roadblock as a consumer. To have someone like you and the organization you represent provide such excellent care is a rarity indeed. Please pass this letter along to your leadership team, and if you would like I would be more than happy to write them a personal letter as well."
John Frasik
"So far...this is the most fun I have ever had with a program...it is probably the best thing since sliced bread......Truly though, I am an MBA student and I have had the opportunity to manipulate many financial modeling tools. Many of them are difficult or they don't work right. This thing is unbelievably easy and creates so much....even a dummy can use it : )"
Tabitha Schneider
"EZ Numbers is a simple and practical tool with a very powerful financial reporting package, which will meet or exceed any financial reporting needs of an existing or a new business. Paul Hynek is a joy to work with and very responsive, when needed."
Asim Saber
CEO, Stratasoft Inc.
"I have been consistently impressed with the amazing attention I have received from Paul Hynek and EZ Numbers (even before my actual purchase). Their customer service is exceptional, and it flies in the face of most software companies."
Ryan D. Kuper
"Thank you for making such a great program!"
John Boyce
"Your program is the best $60 I've spent in a long time."
Harley S.
"EZ Numbers proforma is excellent cost efficient software that allows for future forecasting and is easy to manipulate!!"
Monik Johnson
Dir. of Operations - Susan P. Byrnes Health Education Center
"I really like the spreadsheets. They make forecasting our business and dealing with our banker very easy and very professional."
Phillip Clark
President and CEO, Phidora Group, Inc.
"At last, a credible, affordable business tool for non-financial types. The pro forma product that the folks at EZ Numbers have created has been extremely valuable for me. The time it has saved me has more than covered the purchase price and the financial insights I have gained from using it have helped identify the real needs and problem areas of my business. The modeling and report generation functionality have been especially helpful as I prepare for presentations to outside investors. The team at EZ Numbers is great to work with and I highly recommend them to any startup founder or small business owner."
Rick Pennington
Chief Executive Officer, Founder, Cymbrio
"I have been in the "start up" financing phase of business for over thirty years. I have been compelled, in the early days, to pay exorbitant fees to model how a real business functions, and the time to have CPAs model a business that they do not know was really difficult and time consuming. I have labored over my own Excel spreadsheets and, in fact, modeled my long distance and VOIP operations by myself in the early 2000's. It took months to do. Your software is a dream come true for those of us needing to evaluate structure and cost. I love it and have completed three transactions in less time than it would take for one. Good job!"
James M. Anderson
Managing Member, Vision Business Advisory Services
"I wanted to thank you for such great customer service. In today's world that is tough to come by."
Mark Gochenour
"I love you!!! I have never seen a BP like this. Investors loved it. Thank you for everything."
Robert Dischert
"Thank you Paul for being so kind. This I call valuable and pleasant business."
Luminita Castillos
"The program is great, especially for the financially not so adept..."
Waldemar Lernhardt, PhD
"I came upon EZ Numbers when I was searching the internet for pro forma software. I was sold on EZ after watching the video on the web site. It looked so easy, saving me hours of calculations. EZ Numbers does the work for you. I love this product! Great for my industry, accounting."
Diane Johnson
Double D Accounting, LLC
"Thanks! Btw, I LOVE this program. I am a Harvard MBA so one would think I would be able to do a pro forma in my sleep, but after a few years of being out of school and out of finance, I am a bit rusty and why bother polishing my skills when you have made life so easy?! Thank you!"
E. Williams
"When Leonardo da Vinci uttered 'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,' he surely was alluding to EZ Numbers. Whether or not you're a numbers person, this is an indespensable tool for any business owner - and customer service is first-rate, too."
Curt Greenlaw, Co-founder & COO
Colorado Buffalo Company, LLC
"You've got a neat program here. I'm pleased that I see value in it for me as a businessman/entrepreneur whether I'm successful raising money or not. It helps me think better about my business."
Bob Adams
Coupon Extreme
"Love the updates to the spreadsheet! Fantastic tool and I have recommended it to many of my associates."
Barth Wilson
EVP Operations / Research & Development
Steketee Greiner Co.
"Thanks for all your help, Paul. Your program is amazing and saves lives everyday!"
Carol Highsmith
"I just wanted to let you know that we got our business start up loan approved. Thanks again for a great product in EZ Numbers and great tech support. Program is awesome. Money well spent."
Chris Moore
"Your program helped me easily finish my proformas for my business plan for my M.S. degree. It's great for projecting cash flow, and without cash flow, you can be in big trouble."
Travis Daye
"Oh by the way I want to say again I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!"
Mike Williams
"Man, you rock! :)"
Ryan Kitto
"I am impressed with your software and it has truly been a lifesaver for an Excel novice like me. Also, in addition to using EZ Numbers for my pro forma, it will be a valuable budgeting tool for at least the next few years, and has allowed us to save between $5,000 and $8,000 in accounting and consulting fees during our clinic's startup phase. I'll be sure to spread the word about EZ Numbers."
R.B. Young, MD
"EZ Numbers has been very helpful to me in the past month in estimating what would be involved in starting my own consulting practice. The product is very robust and very easy to use. It turned out to be invaluable for me as a new business owner. I am six weeks into my new work and the projection from the Breakeven and Analysis tabs are spot on. It is so helpful to know what to expect the first time through uncharted waters."
Shelley Cochrane
"EZ Numbers has been extremely helpful in launching our new company and presenting to investors. I could not have asked for a better tool to use to put together our projections. It is a VERY user-friendly system and Paul has been great about making a few custom changes to meet the specific needs of our company. It is a must-have for every entrepreneur!"
Kristen Stryffeler
"You have a great product that is very easy to use and extremely beneficial for startup businesses. More importantly, after the base case financial model is built, it gives the entrepreneur an opportunity to do sensitivity and what if analysis. This information helps to quickly understand the full financial impact of proposed changes before any actions are undertaken.”
Jerry Pribanic
"When I first started plugging numbers into EZ Numbers, it didn't feel a lot different than any other modeling software I've worked with. But when I began using some of the interactive features from performance ratios to break-even analysis, I was amazed to find even the most minor details were becoming clear after I'd entered only very basic information. The longer I worked with it, another detail became clear - I still had a lot of thinking to do about the fundamentals of my business model. EZ Numbers is more than business planning software for entrepreneurs; it forces you to scrutinize your assumptions as if there were a VC looking over your shoulder. And the best part is that anyone with an idea can use it, and when they do, they will have a business plan with air-tight financials."
Peter Taylor
"As a commercial real estate financing specialist, I find that many of the lenders I work with require a set of proforma financials in the loan files which I submit. However, I also find that many of my clients (borrowers) have difficulty in supplying me with same...either because they do not want to incur the expense or hastle of having their own CPA prepare one, and they do not know how to prepare one themselves or are intimidated by the process. EZ Numbers is the perfect solution to this dilemma. You do not need to be a financial professional to use this program, yet it gives you all the data and presentation options you would need to satisfy a lender. Reasonably priced, it overcomes the cost objection and it even allows the business owner/entrepreneur to do it themself! Great solution; great product!"
Randy Neal
Cranberry Cove Capital
"Your product is fantastic! EZ Numbers is worth double the selling price. I have told at least four people already. I need to get on a commission plan!"
Mark Engelberg
TimeLinx Software, LLC
"You have been a big help, and I love EZ Numbers. You have successfully made an accountant out of this engineer. Thanks again."
Onyema K. Anazonwu
"EZ Numbers is a fantastic tool. My CPA and others are going to buy it too."
Patrick J. Kenney
"This is a great program, thanks for your vision and efforts!"
Jason Radd Ph.D.
"To all those interested in EZ Numbers: This product is great! We all have doubts when we buy products online. Will it work? Will it do what it promises? Will they back it up with technical support? Yes, yes and yes. EZ Numbers has helped me organize my start-up company into a presentable & understandable format that I can continually revise. And in presentations I have only received compliments from interested investors and bankers. So try it & see for yourself. What do you have to lose?"
A. Romero
Paterson, N.J.
"Kudos! I am finding EZ Numbers to be an invaluable tool and a fantastic program. I have always known that I have a valuable product with a viable business model but have never been able to see the big picture with regard to actual dollars (I am a developer not a numbers guy). It took me all of 10 minutes with EZ Numbers to begin to see how the business will actually function from a dollars and cents perspective. Thank you! I can now be truly excited about my future ability to attract investors and succeed with this business."
Matt Loveland
"EZ Numbers enabled me to complete a grant application that could not have been done in the time available with out it. I was very pleased that it worked so well."
John Johnson
"We are creating a business plan for a new school and EZ Numbers is proving to be a very effective tool for quickly analyzing our plan. Great product."
Stephen Baker
"Even after going to school twice (BS/MBA) for entrepreneurship, I still dread creating the financial forecasts. Your tool simplifies not only those steps, but also creates other investor info one may need to raise money. I only wish I found out before I invested 30+ hours in creating my woefully inadequate templates."
Greg Chisolm
"I thought I'd let you know that I used EZ Numbers for a Wisconsin Business Plan competition. It worked out great, and as always, was very easy to use. We got recognition and were awarded third place for the Wisconsin competition, and even got a bit of prize money. 🙂 p.s. - Your new web site looks great, by the way!"
Dustin Overbeck
"I like your EZ Numbers model, it is very simple to use, easy to read and most importantly, accurate. In my experience as an investment analyst, the biggest hurdle I continually see people run into when seeking start-up capital for their business, is their inability to accurately present their numbers and projections. I have seen many great ideas go un-funded due to complex custom financial models that require too much time and effort for Lenders and Investors to understand. Your model covers all the major financing metrics that any investor or lender will need in order to make a decision."
Nicholas Eggert
"For everyone who dreads working with financial numbers, EZ Numbers is the product for you. I was able to quickly see if my assumptions would lead to profitability. The program quickly showed me were I needed to make adjustments and enabled me to fine-tune our financial presentation into a very tight package. Whether you are a numbers person or not and especially if your not, I highly recommend this program. For those of you who might require customization as I did, you'll find them to be very responsive. Thanks EZ Numbers for simplifying the difficult."
Rick Esposito
"EZ Numbers is fantastic. It’s helped me launch 2 new businesses."
John Boeheim
"My CPA loves your software. You have a great product."
Glenn Ford
"To use a Ken Blanchard term, I’m definitely a “Raving Fan” of EZ Numbers. EZ Numbers has greatly simplified the process of compiling and presenting our business planning financial proformas. Moreover, it has saved me countless hours of spreadsheet programming, freeing more time to focus on actually building our business. Every entrepreneur should thoroughly consider the value provided by EZ Numbers before embarking on “recreating the wheel.” EZ Numbers… the right product… the right price… well done!"
Todd Bracken
BioSentinel Solutions, LLC
"Paul helped me start three successful companies. His overall business acumen and laser-like ability to articulate ideas into business models is invaluable. It's helped me raise millions of dollars and be so much more creditable and confident when I meet with investors. I've always asked him to be involved as much as he's willing in anything I do, and can't believe that now anyone can get his 'baby' for under $100. If I were you I'd buy this package right now before he adds a couple more zeros on to the price."
Jeff Bowler
Founder of Insomia Media
"EZ Numbers and its creator Paul were wonderful to work with! The program streamlined the process of putting the numbers for my business together, and Paul made it an even better experience by taking time to create a custom version that fit my business model better. Thank you Paul!"
Jacob Ruesch
MBA in Global Management, May 2009
Thunderbird School of Global Management
"EZ Numbers is a fantastic resource for passionate entrepreneurs who aren't quite as passionate about numbers. Gets right to the heart of what your potential investors want to know after you've sold them on your big picture. Leaves Biz Plan Builder in the last century."
Jim Pavilack, SVP
Corporate Development of Rovion, Inc.
"I am a graduate student at Walden University, working on my MBA in Entrepreneurship. I discovered EZ Numbers, during the Accounting and Finance phase of the program. I needed a program that would assist me in providing a Pro Forma document for an intended business for class, and one that could be used later in creating my business after graduation. This program provided everything I needed to complete the assignments, and allowed me to develop documents that can be added to my business plan.

I would recommend EZ Numbers to anyone seriously considering starting a business, or interested in knowing if their current business is financially sound before pursuing assistance from a lender. I have recommended the program to fellow students and hope they too will enjoy the ease of use, the benefit of not having to create spreadsheets from scratch, and the excellent customer support."
R. Alejandro Forde-Killingbeck
“As a new business owner in need of financial modeling software to sell a business plan to investors, I have found EZ Numbers to be an excellent financial modeling tool. With little effort I was able to make EZ Numbers fit the telephone and internet business I run. Once I input the revenue and cost data germane to my business, EZ Numbers provided all the financial reports I needed for my investor presentation. Without EZ Numbers, I would never have been able to accurately model my business and get accurate Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow reports over a five year pro forma period. In addition, I have found that EZ Numbers support is very quick to respond to any inquiries I had on the software. Thank you EZ Numbers for helping my business succeed."
Larry Dubow
President, CommunityConnect, Inc
"Thanks for your great customer service - you obviously care about your customers - no matter how far removed."
Leslie DePol
Lasting Impact
"I really appreciate your assistance. If it was not for your great Excel template I would have spent weeks on this. Will tell all my friends about this!"
Nicholaos S. Galakis
"Dear Paul,

While I have written many business plans for my own use, I had never written a formal plan for presenting to investors. Your software made it incredibly easy; it’s very user friendly. Just using EZ Numbers provides a “crash course” on what goes into a solid, formal business plan. On a personal note, you were extremely helpful in answering questions; so much so that I hired you for extra consulting services. I will definitely do so again. You’re a pleasure to work with, and an honest and ethical business person. I’d recommend your software and your services to anyone. Thanks a ton!" Best Wishes,
Jim Armstrong
Jim Armstrong Marketing Systems
"EZ Numbers was exactly what I needed!

As a first time entrepreneur, I needed a software program that was easy enough for a beginner, yet powerful enough to deliver the results my investors required. I tried several off-the-shelf programs that turned out to be a complete waste of time and money. Then I found EZ Numbers!

EZ Numbers guided me step by step through the process and then generated all of the detailed and professional reports I needed. It was a truly enlightening experience!

Thanks Paul...keep up the great work!"
Stephen Michael Jackson
Founder, Invelus Communications, LLC
"Paul: You are great! I love your product and really appreciate the work you put in to it."
Jose Rodriguez
"Very helpful, Paul. This software allows me to concentrate on the sense of the plan and not on the accounting grunt work. Thanks for a very workable tool."
Frank Lawrence
"What GREAT customer service."
Bill Saks
"Very nice program. I will recommend it to people."
Mark Sherwin
"Like the rest of us, I have unfortunately learned to have very low expectations with regard to support services for affordable software programs (and even some of the expensive ones). Paul Hynek was a shocking surprise to me, from his prompt availability and diligent attention to his patient willingness to provide tech support. Paul seems to have great love for his own company and what he does, and his respect for the entrepreneur sets an example we would all do well to follow. Who could have imagined that $79.95 could buy this kind of consideration? Paul, if there’s any way I can be of help to you in the future, please be my guest."
Michael Angelo Salafia
Somethingorother Productions, LLC
"Paul Hynek is one of the few MBAs I've met who can make complex ideas understandable. His unique combination of talent, professional training, and experience makes his advice invaluable for the new entrepreneur or seasoned manager. He helped grow our institution into a nearly $10 million a year mini-empire. EZ Numbers is a distillation of his financial knowledge into easy-to-use templates that provide a wealth of valuable and time-saving features - can you afford not to get it?"
Andrew Smith Lewis
President of The Princeton Review of Japan
"Paul is the Michael Jordan of financial projections. His passion for numbers and specifically, EZ Numbers, is inspirational. I hired him a while back to help me create a custom model for my business, and it's still just as useful today. EZ Numbers is one GREAT piece of work -- just like him!"
Lauren Bell
CEO of Wild Sage Foods
"After months of trying to create my own, and weeks of web research, I finally found the product and the team to back it. I’m your biggest fan! Thanks for such an excellent tool."
Terrel Transtrum
President, Service Quest
"EZ Numbers: All I can say is WOW! I downloaded your product after watching the online video and was even more surprised at how easy it was to input the data for my business. I had been struggling for weeks trying to piece together the financials for a start up business and then I came across your product. Within two hours of downloading your EZ Numbers program, I had all the facts for my business right in front of me. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that is considering starting a new business or even considering purchasing one, this program will quickly and simply provide the information you need to make sound business decisions to drive the future of your own business."
Dave S., New Jersey
"I originally contacted Paul for assistance with financial projections and received more than could have been imagined. Paul's breadth of knowledge stretches from the initial start-up capital to technology to concept development and beyond. His contributions are invaluable and will have a lasting impression on the success of this venture.

Thank you Paul for sharing your insight and wisdom. I am forever grateful."
Ellen Vaughn