A Superfabtastic Free File Management Tool

Every now and then, along comes a new thingamajig. Actually, “thingamajig” is such a great word, but it’s just so dang encarcassed with old school analogness. We need a new digital equivalent for it – how about “pixemabit.” One part pixel, a dash of data, and a soupcon of “e.”

So my new favorite pixemabit is Dropbox.

Dropbox is a freemium service that allows for online file storage and easy peasy lemon squeezy synchronization. You get, as I write this, 2 GB of free storage. It’s seamless, your “My Dropbox” folder appears in your “My Documents” folder for you PC users. (Mac folk, I’m sure it’s similar.) When you work on a file, save it to a folder in your Dropbox, and never worry about it again. Then you can access the file from any computer whether you’ve downloaded the simple Dropbox program or not.

For me, developing EZ Numbers, it’s been a lifesaver. I no longer e-mail myself the latest version, which was a pain the best of times, and then when I would forget which was really the most recent version, it was, well, not the best of times. And I no longer have to worry about my hard drive crashing and losing crucial data.

When you’re working on your EZ Numbers file, this could be really helpful in making sure that your file is always available to anyone who needs it.

I have no stock in Dropbox, wish I did.

These guys are the first to really tame the online file storage beast.

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