Benefits & Features


  • Make your own pro formas today. Customizable for your specific needs.
  • Customize with your own logo. (Power Version)
  • Show complete financial statements to investors and bankers tomorrow.
  • Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheet are all done automatically.
  • See the effect of every change you make immediately.
  • You'll understand your business much more than before.
  • Easily switch between different company structures: C Corp, S Corp, LLC, and LLP.
  • Calculate IRR, ROI, and NPV automatically.
  • See when you breakeven, and if you run out of money.
  • Know the valuation of your company every year.


  • Capital Expenditures - 25 depreciable tangible asset purchases, 10 amortizable intangible asset purchases.
  • Expenses - 10 Sales and Marketing, 50 Operating. Recurring, tied to Sales, tied to Personnel, One-Time Expenses.
  • Personnel - 25 consultants, 100 salaried employees.
  • Sales - 100% customizable sales model that works for service or product businesses. 50 revenue line items that each have all of their own data. Also has recurring revenue, website channel spends. You can also easily import your own revenue model sheet and link to your numbers.
  • Loans - 3 loans with regular payments, Lines of Credit, unlimited irregular loans.
  • Investment - 15 investors with 3 investments each; Common, Preferred, and Founder Shares; Revenue/Profit Share.
  • Grants - Unlimited grants in any month.
  • Provides either Dividends or Distributions depending if your company is a C Corp - or S Corp / LLC / LLP.
  • Financial Statements: Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet - see monthly, quarterly, and annual views.
  • Complete investor performance data showing return, ROI, IRR, and NPV.
  • Profitability analysis showing when breakeven occurs and what you need until then in terms of sales, investment, loans, headcount, etc.
  • Numerous financial analysis ratios.
  • Federal and state taxes calculated automatically.
  • Works with existing and new businesses.

EZ Customization

We've done everything we can to make EZ Numbers work for the widest variety of businesses, and have incorporated hundreds of requests and suggestions into newer versions. As robust as we've made EZ, though, we can't anticipate every possible need for every business. If you need, for example, more expenses or a different kind of investment, we can customize a version for you. If it's a simple change, we're happy to do it at no charge, as our goal is to make EZ work for everyone. Otherwise we're happy to provide customization at a reasonable hourly rate. This way you get 99% of your pro formas for under $100, and the rest you get tailor made, which will be much cheaper than having a consultant build your numbers from scratch. It's the best of both worlds.

EZ Numbers Consulting

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