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Custom models, ongoing CFO assistance, or a world-class Board member.


Do you need help with creating your own custom revenue model? Do you want to make sure that your numbers are both realistic and impressive to investors?

Combine our expertise with EZ Numbers to get the highest level, most cost effective solution you can for your projections.
"EZ Numbers and the EZ Numbers consulting team are the best! They helped me develop pro formas that I needed for my business. It was nice to hear a lender say that he had never seen such sophisticated financials grounded in realistic assumptions. Of course I got my loan."

James A. Graham M.D.
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Virtual CFO

Introducing the EZ Numbers Virtual CFO Program
Do you need a top level CFO to help you with your company valuation, set up your company, raise money, and help manage your company?

Startups are very different from established companies, and face unique challenges that established companies don't have to deal with.

All of the EZ Numbers Virtual CFOs are MBAs from Wharton, Harvard, or Stanford with over 15 years of startup experience.

Your EZ Numbers Virtual CFO will work with you on a monthly retainer with no fixed contract.

We will create a custom plan for you based on the specific tasks you need, and give you a quote.
  • Finance
  • Investor Relations
  • Accounting
  • Legal / Business Affairs
  • HR
  • Miscellaneous

"I began working with the EZ Numbers consulting team about 6 years ago. They have become my trusted resource on which I still heavily rely for advanced modeling. As a professional consultant I rely on EZ Numbers and the EZ Team. Their years of experience and the practical features of the software are apparent the first time you use it.

Thanks for this extraordinary tool and support."

Terrel Transtrum

"One of Paul's most impressive attributes is his breadth of knowledge. He and the team at EZ Numbers brought an optimal mix of finance, business, and real world experience. They really went above and beyond what I had expected, and I learned so much through the whole process about my business in particular, and about talking to investors in general. Thank you Paul, and the EZ Numbers Team."

Sara Millstone

Turn your weaknesses into strengths

Financial and strategy
Company Valuation
Business Model review
Capital Raising Strategy: Debt, Investment, Revenue Share
Budgeting, Financial Reporting and Projection Formats
Cash Flow Forecasting
Burn Rate Analysis
Breakeven/ Profitability Analysis
Sensitivity Analysis
Custom Dashboards
Legal / Business Affairs
Incorporation and Ongoing Legal Entity Maintenance
File For Business License(s)
Intellectual Property Audit
Trademark Research and Filing
Generate All Company Internal Documents, including:
Non Compete
Work for Hire
Sales Contract
Investor Relations
Pro Formas
Business Plan
PowerPoint Deck
Shareholder Letters
EZ Numbers Capital Raising Bootcamp
Cap Table
Investor Meetings and Coaching
Help with Board meetings:
Governance Standards, Agendas, Minutes Template, Parliamentary Procedure, etc.
Supervise Employee Onboarding
Setup Payroll
Health Insurance
Worker's Comp
Employee Handbook & Company Policies
HR Recordkeeping
All HR Paperwork
HR Posters
Interview, Retain, and Manage Accountant / Bookkeeper
Setup Accounting Software (e.g. QuickBooks online)
Setup Bank Account(s)
Business Strategy
Corporate Identity Materials
Business Development (Using Contacts)
Receivables and Payables Aging
Chinese Manufacturing Review
D&O Insurance

Board Membership

Even though many startups have a great idea, a strong management team, adequate funding, and good execution, they still fail. Often the missing ingredient is the expert governance, strategic direction, and connections that only an experienced Board can provide.

Contact us if you're interested in having a startup expert serve on your Board. We have have years of Board experience, and may be able to provide that missing ingredient that will propel you to success.
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